How to Resolve Your Protein Problems?


One of the primary rules of workout is to consume plenty of protein. Protein is not stored as fat, hence to have the bulk of the various diet in protein form can always be helpful for your weight loss.

Protein can also help you to develop muscle and heals your body from the strain as well as soreness due to work out.

Following are few ideas to solve your protein problems.

  1. Identify different protein sources

Actually, protein is not the kind of food like carbs which is meant for filling. Hence, you will have to consume much more quantity to get almost the same amount of calorie count.

As an example, any cup full of cooked rice can provide 200 calories, which is same as one cup of beans (cooked). However, many people usually avoid beans as they can make them gassy, hence they prefer to obtain their protein source from fish or meat.

  1. Eat all meat items

With 100g of beef you will get 250 calories, but you cannot feel as sated like having rice. Meat however will take longer to get digested so that you may go longer before eating your next meal.

However, red meat is usually taken in moderate quantities, as it is highly saturated fat and also cholesterol. It is also considered as carcinogenic.

Comparatively 100g of chicken’s breast may have only 165 calories, and 100g of fish has 206. Therefore, meat is a good carb substitute for those who are trying to lose weight.

However, to bulk up, you need to eat plenty of protein to maintain the recommended caloric intake.

  1. Mix with liquid calories

One cup of yoghurt can give 150 calories and also 10 to 20g protein, while single cup of milk can give 100 calories and 8g of protein. Dairy products however contain casein and lactose which every adult may not digest.

Milk can also cause stomach upset, bloating, or other digestive problems. It is best to look for an alternate protein source. Nut-based, grain-based, or any legume-based milk e.g. soy, almond or rice are potential options.

  1. Get protein in any pack

Easiest way to obtain protein by avoiding side effects can be using a protein supplement. There is powder protein available which can be mixed along with milk, water, yoghurt, smoothies, or any other beverages.

It is a firm favourite as it may contain fully hydrolysed whey isolate, which is fastest absorbed protein, providing your cells near-instant admission to what you have just consumed.

This product can also contain 2.7g of BCAA-L and 5g of BCAA per serving, which replaces immediately the amounts that lost during the workout. The fat and sugar quotients are lower than 1gm.

  1. Curate your creatine

Though it is naturally produced by our kidneys and liver, this supplement will speed up the muscle mass growth and supply extra energy during your workout.

It is often available in the form of an unflavoured powder which can be added in any kind of drink except alcohol or any fizzy options as liquid base meant for the protein shake.

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