Top Mistakes to Avoid While Buying A Piano


Piano shopping can be hectic and no less than a nightmare if you don’t have a clear plan in your hand. Do not get pressurized and never rush in while buying a piano. Piano is considered to be a luxury musical instrument and is very expensive. First time piano buyers are often in conflict and confused when they get advice from different sources.

Hence, right now may not be the right fit in the coming years and also later you might not be interested in the same. Most of the parents encourage their children to start playing at a very tender age. As a result, when children grow up, they tend to lose interest and sometimes even before completing level 2.

Also, pianos which come very cheap or digital ones fail to produce the exact musical notes as of the original ones. Either they are out of tune or you will find the keyboard is difficult to press smoothly. Reports state that people who avoid common mistakes before buying a piano are 80 percent successful in learning and practicing piano, lifelong. Also, as your children practice it with great enthusiasm, the commitment level increases manifold and also their chances of becoming popular heightens.

Let us check the mistakes you should avoid –

Purchasing Cheap Keyboard or Digital Piano from Online Stores

You might often find advertisements which shouts new pianos for sale. It is advised not to fall in the trap. Always go for quality rather than making impulsive purchases. The cheap digital keyboard is nothing near to the real pianos. Usually, your child starts practicing on these digital keyboards and get accustomed to the music keynotes.

However, when they start taking music lessons suddenly, they face the harsh reality that the music does not match up according to the teacher’s keypad. The problem lies in the piano. Apparently, the good piano in your household is not good enough for your children, when they are serious about taking piano lesson.

Moreover, the keyboard is made to be disposable, which means after few months of practice, it will get worn out and eventually not in sync with the chords within the system. Therefore, you must buy a piano which is original. You can buy a second hand or rent it out if the cost seems too high for your budget. Alternatively, you can also go for a high-end digital keyboard which has got good reviews in the market.

Careful while buying an Old Piano

Second hand pianos are flooded in the market. An old piano poses some problems just like the cheap keyboards. The old system that reaches in the second-hand market may be used intensively and by the time it reaches the end customer, it may be completely worn out. Buying a second-hand piano takes time and good judgement. When you are buying one, you can take a music professional along with you. The person can help you in your buying decision.

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