There Is So Much More To Know About Orgasms Than What You Know


When we talk about sex and orgasm, the only word in which we describe them as is pleasure. Well, no wonder an orgasm is an extremely powerful sensation of physical pleasure, but it is not just restricted to that.

When a person achieves orgasm, it results in releasing hormones. Now, releasing these hormones helps the body to relax, reduces stress levels, helps in fighting depression, and thereby ensures healthy physical and mental development.

Professional and high class escorts from LOveSita agency know and understand the importance of a good climax. So, when their encounter with a client becomes too intimate, they ensure that both the parties get equal satisfaction out of that arrangement. Besides, there are several fun facts about orgasms, and most of the escorts are aware of them. That’s one more reason why they fulfill the need to climax for their clients. If you don’t know much about orgasm, here are a few things you must know.

Some fun facts about orgasms

It works like a pain reliever: Well if your wife or girlfriend is giving you the excuse of headache tell her this in a convincing manner. Orgasms cause the body to release a hormone named oxytocin. The release of this hormone certainly aids bonding and relaxation, but that is not all. It helps in fighting pain a lot. Conditions like arthritis, menstrual cramps, muscle pain, surgery related pain, etc. are all temporarily cured with an orgasm or two.

Orgasms feel better with age: This is especially for women as a study shows that women of age group 40 to 50 indicate that they experience better orgasms now compared to what they experienced in their 20s. The thing is, women get more comfortable with sexuality as they age, and thus they become more open towards sexual stimulations.

Men can have multiple orgasms too: Yes, multiple orgasms are not just a female thing. The thing is, all men are perfectly capable of having multiple orgasms, but they don’t recognize it. They usually explain it as a long-lasting orgasm, but not multiple orgasms.

Non-genital orgasms are equally powerful: Some people experience orgasms even when their sensitive body parts are caressed. This doesn’t mean the orgasm they experience wasn’t as intense as the genital one is. As a matter of fact, some females achieve orgasm only when their clitoris is stimulated, on the other hand they don’t experience one with penetrative sex.

Recovery time varies from man to man: Escorts always indicate that there are clients who recover rather quickly, and intend to go for a second round immediately. However, generally any normal man would require about 30 to 60 minutes recovering from orgasms, and before they want to seek another one.

Lastly, it is important to know that humans are absolutely capable of achieving an orgasm all by them but when it is achieved with a partner, the feeling just gets enhanced. Personal attention, and stimulation provided by a beautiful escort can make it more intense and memorable. This is the reason why most clients report that they achieve better and a more satisfying orgasm with escorts than what they have alone.

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