Buying High-Quality Jewelry Is Fundamental for Clever Long-Term Investment


Investments in terms of shares, mutual funds, real estate and basic savings are forerunners in the category. However, the unseen investment is the jewelry you have. If the jewelry is from an established designer, the value soars with the coming years. The better the make, the higher the returns, in case of an emergency.

Jewelry is mostly a sentimental expression, especially to women. So, it’s a thin ground to cover. It calls for a fine balance between emotions and investment acumen to attach any monetary value to the pieces. A few factors can guide you in the right direction.

Value keeps increasing

Metals like gold, sterling silver and platinum has a rising value with each passing day. These metals can be melted and given new forms. Even if it gets bend or twisted, it is easier to set it right. So, they are good investments.

If these metals are teamed with high quality diamonds and other gemstones, value rises exponentially. Good designer houses and outlets like at Seattle jewelry stores can reap higher value, when it goes up for resale.

Quality matters

Investing in durable jewelry is the key and this demands high quality pieces. Hard quality metals can last for years. Refitting or filing or repairing is done easily on highly durable jewellery.

Cheap ones don’t stand this kind of treatment. They snap or break at the least possible pressure. The prongs that are used to hold the stones are weak and will not last more than a couple of years. If your jewelry rusts or tarnishes, it has no value in the market.

Beauty & prestige

The number of heads it could turn is worth the investment. It is a common knowledge that it is easier to spot the cheap ones from the quality ones. The shine and sparkle of the designer pieces remains the same after decades and even after generations. It takes your personality several notches up and creates a stunning timeless identity.

You deserve to flaunt your well-earned status through your jewelry. For every well-heeled individual, it is the first place of investment. It is easier to proclaim your niche in the society’s ladder through it.

Studies show a growing trend where working women treat themselves with designers’ pieces. These ladies mark their milestones of success, be it small or big with a timeless piece of jewelry, to remind them of their worth and strength.

Emergency cushion

Study says that there has been 80% increase in value for vintage and heirloom pieces. In case of requirement of immediate funds, pawning your jewelry is one of the best options. The market value of gold, silver and diamonds always go up. The demand and value of sterling silver is rising.


A sentimental blessing is intrinsic to any jewelry, more than an investment angle, especially when it is passed down generations as a heirloom. Wearing quality jewels has a positive psychological effect on your mind. Also, the more unique your designs are, the higher their market price will be.

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