Few Things About Strippers That Perhaps You Did Not Know


Most of us have the perception about these strippers working in adult clubs are either prostitutes or sex workers who are probably used for supplying drugs etc. Many of them are also assumed to be actress in porn movies.

Most of these adult entertainers are here to sell a fantasy, which may create certain impression in your mind about them. Here in this post we shall try to reveal few facts that may surprise you.

  1. Probably one of your known is among them

Women from different backgrounds work as strippers. Even in any academic conference too, if you discuss about striptease you will come to know that one of the professors too has worked as stripper sometime.

2. Stripping do not empower or degrade a woman

If you are a woman then perhaps you will know that at some point of time, you too were degraded or discriminated just being a woman either at home or at your work place.

3. All strippers are not porn stars or prostitutes

There are many different hierarchies of sex industry however don’t assume that all strippers are among them. Therefore, if you find a girl is stripping on your lap may not be ready for some additional service too.

4. Strippers pay for working in the club

Many strippers pay to the club to participate in the program as they are considered by many clubs as an independent contractor.

5. Strippers do have their rights

These dancers also have made legal suits to many clubs and now they have obtained the right as an employee. Clubs now have to treat them as an employee and are eligible for minimum wages and insurance etc.

6. Strip clubs are only for fantasy and not sex

Most of the men come here to get different kinds of fantasies so that they can try them with their wives or girl-friends. They are not sex outlets however many of strippers may also give you advice for your marital problems, if you pay little extra tips.

7. Your boy friend is not sleeping with stripper

If your boyfriend is visiting strip club then you should not be concerned as these strippers have their own boy friend and have their own life. Rather your boy friend will gain a new experience to make you happy on the bed.

8. Strip clubs too are multinational chains

Don’t consider these strip clubs as a den of vice as number of large corporations are now taking interest in this business and also these clubs are managed almost like a casino club.

9. Strippers sets a trend

Many pop stars are trying to dress like stripper and many celebrities too try to imitate them and thus the strippers have become their role model. Don’t be surprised if your kid daughter pulls from the shelf a toy which you may not like.

10. You will know lot of things about the world from strippers

If corporate is taking over these strip clubs then it can influence political, cultural and personal life of people, which is really a warning signal.

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