All You Need To Know About Accident Reconstruction Service


Crash reconstruction is the process of analysing a motor crash collision between two vehicles. It determines the pre-impact under which the accident took place at the scene. It is done with the help of physical evidence which are prevalent at the site. The analysts measure the speed and distance of the vehicle and contrast them with the force, damage, crash and situation.

The entire process is dependent upon Newton’s laws of physics. It analyses the mathematical relationship between work and energy dissipation and the conservation of Linear momentum.

Art or science?

Vehicle accident reconstruction is a science as well as art. It is the art of knowing which equation is to be applied to know about how the crash took place and the factors which led to the accident. The science here involved are the equations themselves and how they are used to derive the conclusions about the accident.

Forensic mapping

The process by which the reconstruction experts make use of their equipment and expertise to measure the accident which took place in a fraction of seconds. All the physical evidence are measured and recorded quickly by these experts so that the roads can be cleared off the traffic as early as possible and normal ongoing of traffic can take place.

This is actually the best time to measure the vehicle reconstruction because all the physical evidence is fresh and all these must be preserved as they could be helpful in further investigation.

Forensic 3D animations

The process of re-creating the accident scene in the labs by collecting the evidence from the actual scene of accident. It helps in re-constructing the demonstrative aids and videos of the accident. It is not possible to understand how the accident actually took place unless and until there is an accurate and an apt 3D re-creation of the accident scene.

Documents provided

A forensic investigator after going through the entire process and re-creating and visualizing the entire accident scene would provide you with the following reports at the end of the investigation:

  • Analysis and documentation of the entire evidence of the physical road during the time of accident.
  • Analysis and documentation of the vehicle which was indulged in the accident.
  • The truck and automobile data records.
  • The expert reports from the investigator.
  • Trial testimony
  • Depositions
  • Reconstruction of the speed, position and the direction of the vehicle before and after the accident took place on the site of incidence.


Hence, a vehicle reconstruction expert can help you in accurately analysing the entire accident scene which took place. It helps in deriving the results from the accident that took place. In some cases, there is not enough evidence from the site of accident about the way it happened or the speed and direction of the vehicle before the collision, a reconstruction expert would prove to be extremely instrumental here and help you in actually figuring out the entire process and provide you with information on the accident.

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