Do You Want to Hire A Compensation Lawyer for Your Injury?


As per the law existing in Bellevue all people who are employed must buy insurance for worker’s compensation so that they can recover their medical expenses or loss of wage caused by any unfortunate accident.

Though all the process of claiming the compensation are quite streamlined particularly for such people who are working however it has been observed that either insurance companies make too much delay in compensating or may not offer the right amount of compensation.

Therefore, often there is a need of hiring a suitable attorney in Bellevue Washington to take up the matter with insurance companies to ensure timely compensation with right amount.

In this short article, we will focus on a few good reasons for hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer in case you’re ever in such a situation.

  1. To properly evaluate your claim

This is the most important service that you can get so that you can understand how much you can really claim legally from the insurance company. Most of us will usually end up claiming much less than what we really entitled for.

An experienced lawyer can properly evaluate the case and can let you know how much amount you can claim.

  1. To file a claim in a proper manner

Many employees may not know the proper process of insurance claims and as a result their claim is either rejected or delayed. A workers’ compensation lawyer will ensure that you take following steps:

  1. Get your injury evaluated by a qualified doctor
  2. Offer written notice to your employer about the accident and injury
  3. Collecting all the necessary evidences of accident site and eyewitnesses
  4. Responding properly to your employer
  5. To protect your right as an employee

Many of us as an employee may not be totally aware about our legal rights and end up getting intimidated by the employer.

A lawyer can help us to open our eyes so that we may know about our rights and we know what we should demand from the employer in such a situation.

  1. To screen the third-party liability

In any construction environment the workers often have to work for many other contractors who may not even be their employer. However, in case any injury takes place then it will become a case of third-party liability.

An experienced lawyer can handle such situations quite well and hence it will be very useful to hire one in such a situation.

  1. To make an appeal for a denied claim

It is very common to find that employee claims are often denied either by the employer or insurance company and an injured employee can be in a helpless situation.

A workers’ compensation lawyer can certainly help employees make their claim correct in a proper way, which can never be denied by any authority.

  1. To seek legal advice

Often an injured employee may need to seek legal advice before making a claim for their injury, as generally they may not know all the loopholes and complexity of the legal process about such matters.

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