Why Has Indian Food Gone From Healthy To Unhealthy?


Indian food is extremely popular around the globe for its taste and diversity. The type of foods and spices used in the preparation of Indian food dishes is what makes it tasty as well as healthy. However, lately Indian food is categorized as unhealthy and linked to a number of health conditions. Now, is this true?

We all know that a variety of foods and nutrients are needed for proper growth and development of human body, which are, as a matter of fact, a part of Indian cuisine. Indian food dishes are made using a number of spices and all of which come with plenty of health benefits. Looking at these benefits, it is easy to say that Indian dishes increases immunity, brain function and several other body functions by many folds. Now, if everything about Indian food is healthy, why is it categorized as unhealthy?


Here we have listed a few reasons of why the traditional healthy Indian food has gone from healthy to unhealthy, and how one can restore all its health benefits once again.

Why has Indian food gone from healthy to unhealthy?


Indian food is full of grains:

Several types of grains are grown in abundance in India, and so Indian food is full of grains. Besides, you can even find a variety of pulses in Indian food. The most well-known food combinations like dal rice and rajma rice are extremely healthy for consumption of regular basis. However, traditionally all these grains and pulses were grown without the use of chemicals, which is not the case now. Also, since low-carb diets are recommended by nutritionists around the world, the consumption of rice on regular basis isn’t accepted as healthy.


Oils and Salts:

Several types of oils are used for cooking in India. Mustard, Peanut, Coconut and Groundnut oils are used on regular basis around the country, and again all of these oils have amazing health benefits. However, since any diet plan will restrict the use of cooking oils, it is believed that Indian cuisines cooked using oils are unhealthy.


Talking about salts, black, pink and rock salt are all native to India. However, since we have moved to the more refined version of salts, the Indian cuisines has gone from healthy to unhealthy.



Pickles have always been a part of Indian food, and are rest assured they are healthy too. When made using the right type of oil and salt, pickles and chutneys are one of the healthiest probiotic foods you can have.


The famous Indian thalis:

Everyone knows about Indian thalis and the varieties of dishes it includes. Traditionally, Indian thalis used to have 2 to 3 varieties of sabzi as well as dal and roti or rice or both. Thali also used to have a small amount of sweet dish and this thus a thali was considered as a complete meal. However, now the thalis that we eat in restaurants have more than just 2 to 3 varieties of sabzi as well as more than one sweet dish. This makes having a thali heavy on the stomach and so is considered unhealthy.


The point here to keep in mind is that Indian food is extremely healthy if it is made with the right type of ingredients. Thus, it can be accepted that the Indian food has not gone from healthy to unhealthy, but may be the ingredients used for cooking it and the way it is served has.

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