Knowing About the Best-Loved 70’s Fashion Styles


The period of the seventies was romantic in nature as it was all about freedom, variety and also included the mixing of different styles with each other. The different styles emerged in the fashion industry. It brought trends like folk, gipsy, hippie, disco, safari, sporty, classic, etc. This era is liked by fashion lovers due to its liberalism and craziness and is appreciated by the people as it gave a chance to express one’s own style statement instead of adhering to common fashion trends.

70’s Fashion

The seventies style is highly admired among many fashion designers and they mostly revisit this era so that they can include 70’s outfits trend in their modern-day costumes. This era is arousing interest among the fashion lovers who are wearing those outfits which have the elements of 70’s fashion included in designing with a modern twist. The fashion trends of seventies are included in the fashion industry to reflect a free, careless mood with a style statement.

The trends in the seventies were a mixture of a relaxed style, ethnic patterns to luxurious designs and it also included fun-loving and carefree style which were not cheap in nature. It was all about imparting a bold and eye-catching look to the person who wears it. The different types of prints patterns and floral designs were also used in seventies style.

The seventies era consists of hokie fashion and it also has an element of fun that is suitable for the theme parties.

The Most Memorable Fashion Trends of The Seventies

  • Jumpsuits – This style is very popular in the present times. These are the most admired 70’s outfits which include the option of all in one. It has gained popularity on the red carpet as it imparts a classy and a carefree look to the wearer.
  • The Pant Suit – It gained popularity from the beginning and it was mostly considered an essential wardrobe element for men but slowly it became popular among women. It is suitable for wearing on official meetings.
  • Flared Pants and Bell Bottoms – The flared pants are a good option to create the illusion of legs and perfectly suitable for wearing with tops, blouses. These bellbottom and flared pants look elegant and feminine.
  • Platform Heels – The platform heels are very popular among women.
  • Turtlenecks Sweater- This is one of the typical seventies style garments which comes in a number of colors. These look slim fitting and can be worn with skirts, jeans, pants, etc.
  • Knee- High Boots and Oversized Sunglasses – These are the desired fashion trends in the seventies.
  • Printed Shirts – White shirts form an important part of clothing and are considered as timeless. But wearing printed shirts are associated with fun and imparts a lively look to a person.
  • Halterneck dresses – These are a good choice for an evening outfit which adds glamour and beauty to a woman’s appearance.
  • Hats and Vests – Hats are suitable for wearing during both summers and winters. Vests can be worn over your shirt to form a style statement.


The costumes in the seventies era have established a benchmark in fashion industry due to their uniqueness rather than the common trends in costumes. The inclusion of this style of the seventies is a good choice for any kind of occasion.

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