Before You Buy Used Jeep Check These Five Things


While browsing few dealers for used cars in Miami, perhaps a Jeep may catch your eye. For few of you, buying used car might mean just changing your style and that style can be a Jeep.

However, buying used Jeep can be a lot different from buying used cars. You may find 90% of the blogs are related to buying of used cars, Jeeps are a different animal as most of the Jeeps have been used as off-roading.

Keeping that in mind, following are 5 things to check, while you are looking for used jeeps for sale in Miami:

  1. Undercarriage

Almost like a car, the undercarriage is very important and should be first thing to check on used Jeep. This can be a great way to know how much life, the vehicle truly has to live.

So, it really does not matter whether the vehicle has got low transmission miles or newly refurbished engine. In case, you found the undercarriage/frame is getting rusted, or just “rotting out”, then don’t purchase it.

Also, check the skid plates and ensure that not much dents, scratches, scrapes or other indications of damage are visible.

  1. Modifications

While looking for used Jeep, certainly you will find few used Jeep Wrangler that was further modified too.

Since most of these parts used are aftermarket, make sure that they are installed properly. Often, they are installed wrongly and dealership fails to notice. Such mistakes do happen, and it is your job to ensure you know that before buying.

One most common modification is made on the suspension. So, check all suspension parts to ensure everything is in ship-shape. That way, you may also get good idea about the condition of suspension.

Bear in mind, few off-road parts are meant for aesthetics only, but few can affect the vehicle performance.

  1. Tires

Often buyers may overlook tires while browsing used cars but you must surely check them that is much more important. Avoid buying a Jeep that needs immediate replacement of the tire. Tires are quite expensive and thus your cost may go out of budget.

Besides, the extra cost added, it is important to look further like when you look at the wearing on the tires, it may indicate different problems. So, this will be a good way to check what else can be wrong with Jeep.

For example, the tire tread has uneven wearing on edges or down in the middle, then this may hint an alignment problem. In case, front tires have worn-down more than back tires, then perhaps they were not rotated properly.

  1. Rust spots

It is natural to notice rust on a used car. In case of Jeeps, checking for rust spots is quite essential. Most likely, Jeep that you are looking at must have been driven through the mud all the time and thus getting undercarriage caked mud and previous owner may have not cared enough after repeatedly exposing to such conditions.

  1. Leaks

Almost like any cars, leak checking must be a priority. Make sure to check that used Jeep during a dry day so that you may see any liquid which might be dripping below it.

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