Things to Consider When Looking for a Corporate Event Venue


Planning a corporate event small or big can be a stressful task. Determine the event date, create a guest-list, hire entertainment, find ideal caterers, choose the right venue, etc. seem to be a few but important aspects for the success of your event.

All this sounds intimidating, but below are some guidelines that can help you make better decisions and what to consider.

When to start a venue search?

As soon as you have determined the estimated event size, space requirements and budget start looking for a venue. It is crucial to book a venue 5 to 6 months before the scheduled date, so you get sufficient time to plan crucial things like event brochure printing, catering, and more. For catering check the Sterling caterers, who have been serving the local venue for corporate events in Minneapolis.

What factors to consider while looking for an event venue?


For a local corporate event, you will be searching for a venue that is within reachable distance from the homes of the majority of attendees. In case many guests will be visiting from outside the town then choose a venue that is near the airport, which will be beneficial for them. Whatever the case considers transportation, traffic, and parking options.

To reduce the chances for guests to get delayed in searching for the venue offer them a mobile event app. With GPS giving driving directions and information about parking/shuttle they will feel relieved. Make sure to help guests navigate easily to venues inside a large campus.


A venue with a parking lot is your priority but if it is not available then there are plenty of parking spaces available nearby. You can even reserve parking spaces for guests or offer a shared cab ride but make sure to interact with them. Valet parking can also be added if the budget allows.

Capacity and floor plan

Choosing a very small venue creates an uncomfortable and crowded atmosphere, which can displease the attendees. On the other hand, selecting a huge venue can be equally uncomfortable and create an awkward situation where guests will not be able to interact with new attendees. In both circumstances, guests will not have a great experience!

When you decide the capacity limit besides the attendees even consider the decorations that can take a lot of floor space. For example, exhibitions and fairs need a lot of floor space to install their stalls. Make sure that all the guests fit in the chosen venue comfortably.

Determine a layout as well as clear the details of where the exit and entry points are as well as where to place the AV equipment. Even think which areas will have a high flow of traffic and how the table’s setup will impact the floor space. If there is a keynote speaker then you will need a stage or will you need a demo area or a bar space.


Food and beverages are expected in any kind of corporate event. Check if the venue allows outside caterers or they have house catering services. If they don’t then ask them recommendation of good catering companies.

Set the ambiance of the venue and tone properly. It can be a fabulous and memorable event!

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