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Roller shutters are a form of a door or a window shutter that has several bars, and horizontal slats hinged in one unit. These shutters are also called as roller doors and sectional overhead doors.

In this article, we will learn all about roller shutters, its types, advantages, and method of operation in detail.

What are Roller shutters?

Roller shutters consist of web systems. It is a form of door that when raised, opens it, and when lowered, closes it. There are various motorized roller shutters that are very effective, for big sized doors, or windows. The primary objective of installing a roller shutters it to offer enhanced protection against wind, and rain.

Roller shutters are used as the front door of the window to prevent any case of theft or attempts of destruction. Window roller shutters is a leading roller shutter repair company in Sydney. This company designs, installs, maintains, and repairs aluminum roller shutter for its users. The have a lot of clients across the city.

What are the benefits of using a Roller Shutter?

Roller shutters are beneficial for a variety of objectives. Some of the best examples of this door are vans, garages, prisons, kitchens, schools, warehouses, etc. Roller shutters offer a wide range of inherent security benefits to people. Due to enhanced security that these doors offer, several local governments now subsidize for roller shutters.

Roller shutters not just serve commercial objectives, but also residential purposes too. They are mostly used in areas that are uncovered frequently to fluctuating weather. These shutters offer the best level of insulation and to safeguard windows, and doors from damages due to hail.

What is a Roller shutter made up of?

Roller shutters that you find in the market are made using mild steel, Cold Rolled, galvanized, Aluminum, GI Vision, stainless steel, and Powder coated.

What are the different types of Roller Shutters?

You can find a roller shutter in a variety of different forms to choose from. Some of them being are:

Built on Roller doors and Built-in Roller doors:

In a built-on type of roller shutter, the box is affixed to the outside area of building portico, whereas, in case of built-in type, the roller shutter is built into lintel over the window.

Integrated shutter:

In this type of roller shutter, the shutter, as well as the window, is integrated into one single unit.

Shutter with tilting laths:

In this type, the roller shutter has a plank that helps in tilting it. it resembles like that of an external venetian blind.

There are basically three popular types of rolling shutters:

  • Push and Pull shutters
  • Grill Rolling
  • Perforated Rolling

What are the ways to operate a roller shutter?

Roller shutters can be operated in mainly two different ways, either manually or by using a tubular motor that is fitted inside the roller.


Roller shutter serves a variety of functions to its users. With the right information about these devices, you can make the best use of it in your residential and commercial structures.

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