Questions You Need to Ask When Hiring A Roofing Contractor


Roofing installation or repairs are really expensive and you need to choose a professional contractor to deal with otherwise it may lead to damage or leakage in the long run. For which, you need to spend a lot of money and time.

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If you want to maintain your house roofing for a long time, you need to hire a reliable roofing contractor. The following are few questions that help you in choosing a good roofing contractor.

Ask about company full name and address

If you are going to hire a roofing service through online, then ask company’s registered name and postal address. If the company doesn’t specify their physical location, then it may not be trust worthy to hire, leave it and move on.

Ask for roofing contractor license

All the roofing contractors must have license to work in that particular state, but only the requirements and codes vary depending on the state. Asking for license helps you to make sure whether the contractor is licensed in your area or from different state. If you hire a contractor licensed within your state you can give legal recourse if anything goes wrong during the work.

Ask for insurance

Check for workman’s liability and compensation insurance because workman’s compensation insurance defends you from medical expenses in case the worker gets injured during the work and the liability takes care of the damages caused during replacement or repair.

If you hire an employee who doesn’t have compensation insurance, then you are responsible for all the expenses occurred due to the accident.

Ask whether they hire roofing subcontractors 

check whether any work will be performed by the subcontractors. If yes, then ask the same questions about the subcontractor, particularly about insurance.

Ask for warranty services

Many companies offer good warranty on their works usually longer period, that is, more than a year. Ask for how many years they offer warranty. Generally, there will be separate warranty for materials and for the repair works. So, ask about both and know what will be enclosed under each and duration of warranty for both.

Ask for written estimation

Before finalizing your deal with the contractor ask for a written estimation for all the works such as cost to remove old roof, materials, installing new roof, and more. This helps you to understand what the cost for individual work and whether you can afford all of them. Also, you can make changes if needed.

Clear all your doubts before making a final decision, if you find anything wrong in the conversation just move on. Gather information about 3 or 4 roofing contractor services, call, and get quotes. Then, hire the best service provider depending on your budget and requirement.


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