Important Reasons To Study At Johns Hopkins University


Johns Hopkins University is a renowned university that promotes intellectual discovery via programs abroad, academic exchanges, cooperative agreements, and collaborative research.

Around 40% of the total JHU undergraduates have got an international experience before getting graduated. Students take active participation in international projects and study abroad in more than fifty countries worldwide. Here, we will learn about the top reasons to study at Johns Hopkins University.

The mission of Johns Hopkins University

The objective of the Johns Hopkins University is for the promotion, assistance, and development of international programs that foster discovery, excellence, and creativity in undergraduate education.

These international academic programs are designed and assessed in association with the deans, and faculty of the Whiting School of Engineering, and Krieger School of Arts and Sciences.

These programs not just complement the Hopkins curriculum, encourage students, but also promote intercultural capabilities to imitate the values, roles, and identities as citizens of the world. If you are wishing for Johns Hopkins Transfer, then consider Campus Reel. It is the best resource to help students all over the world to transfer to John Hopkins.

Why should a student study abroad?

Studying abroad provides a lot of benefits to a student. It gives him independence and helps in building his critical thinking abilities. A student learns to make his own choices, and choose their own place to study abroad. It makes him a self-reliant person and boosts his decision- making skills.

Students are seen to be much more invested at the time of working through the procedure of making the selection of the right institute to study abroad. In this way, studying abroad help a student to make the best use of his time, and develop skills.

What makes Johns Hopkins University stands out from other universities?

Johns Hopkins University is counted among the most noteworthy universities in the world. This is the best opportunity to study for non-degree seeking international students.

The college is acclaimed to be one of the best research institutions throughout the United States.  VIS Program students get enrolled in the college as “full-time students”. They are provided access to the various services, and facilities on the Homewood Campus.

The Whiting School of Engineering and the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences are located in the same Homewood Campus that spans a large area of 140 acres of amazingly landscaped lands in Baltimore, Maryland.  Both these schools have a joint enrollment of 1,700 graduate students, 225 postdoctoral students, and 4,700 undergraduate students.  Around ten percent of the undergraduate student body is formed from international students that represent more than sixty-eight nations.

At Hopkins university, you will be benefitted by the depth, and breadth of the undergraduate academic programs, and departments. The VIS Program enables visiting exchange, and international students to participate in courses within one department or take multiple courses in different departments to discover the interrelation between them.


JHU is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. These are some of the prominent reasons why students should choose Johns Hopkins University for their academics.

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