Social Distancing Well Explained for Old Parents


We are all well aware of the dangerous situation prevailing today due to the novel corona virus, also known as COVID19. We have a lot of options and exposure to know and learn about this disease and the current update on this.

The few basic things that are widely advised and followed are self-quarantining, and if you still have to go out, maintaining social distancing, always wear surgical masks when you go out etc.

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Apart from these basic things, there is something very important that we all need to do. That is to consider the situation of our parents or relatives who are old.

Why our old parents need special care and treatment?

 The obvious truth that has been revealed or inferred from all the data, statistics and the studies is that children under 5, senior citizens and patients who are already suffering from any other ailments are the major victims of this disease. This is because it is easy for the corona virus to affect the victims who lack immunity.

We have been watching the cases of recovery as well in patients who are found to have a good immune system. This only makes us understand the alarming vulnerability of our parents to this disease.

Why is this difficult task?

 Shouldn’t it be easy to open up to them and talk to them on this and discussing the vulnerabilities and ask them to be more careful? If this is your question, then you need to know the answer.

I would be honest here to admit that there isn’t a clear-cut answer for this. I won’t be able to give a clear yes or a no for an answer. Not just me, no one will be able to give the right answer to this because it’s highly subjective. No two people are alike. We can’t be sure how they might take it when they are already in a mental state of panic as we are too.

How the situation can be handled?

Here are few ways to deal with this challenge with more ease –

  • Educate them about the situation without invoking any fear
  • Be positive and stress on the importance of following the rules more strictly
  • Don’t be harsh on them while you try to insist on a rule or personal hygiene to be followed. Instead tell them the benefits and convince them to follow the rules.
  • Spend a lot of quality time with them and be supportive, helpful etc. so that it becomes easy for them to deal with the situation.

With all these tips and a lot of care and concern for them, you will be able to deal with them more easily than before.

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