How to Enjoy the Benefits of Cannabis without Smoking?


If you ever smoked cannabis then you can just remember your experience that you had during your first encounter with cannabis smoking. You must have surely experienced burning throat or could not decide how long you can pull the smoke.

However, there are many among you who may not prefer to smoke at all. Some people may have lung problem already and can never choose this option. Even if they want to consume marijuana but will never prefer to smoke.

Luckily there are number of ways, you can still enjoy the benefits of CBD without smoking. Following are few smoke-free options to enjoy the CBD benefits.

  • Vaporizing

Nowadays, there are plenty of options to get affordable vaporizers where you can use CBD vape oil and vape CBD instead of taking all the risk of smoking cannabis.

Actually, all the chemical compounds can easily vaporize at less harmful temperature. Also, you can feel better taste as compared to smoking.

  • Edibles 

Another alternative to smoking can be various edible products of CBD that you can get in the market. There are many such options like chewing gums, snacks or candies etc.

You may also make canna-butter of your own too. Also, they are available in many drinks form, however one should always start with lower doses and be little patient.

  • Ingestible oils

Any cannabis concentrate, which can be taken orally, is ingestible oil. Mostly they are available in capsule form or plastic applicators, which can always be consumed directly.

Also, it can be added to any food or drink. Ingestible oils can also induce powerful effects like edibles and hence be careful about dose.

  • Tinctures

These tinctures are some kind of infused liquids which extract cannabis compounds by using alcohol soak and can be applied directly under your tongue.

Tinctures can enter your bloodstream immediately, and will allow fast-acting effects and also you can control dose much better. It can also meet various medical needs.

  • Topicals

Under the topicals you can include cannabis-infused balms and lotions which can be applied directly on the affected place of your skin, for offering localized relief from pain, inflammation and soreness.

Cannabis topicals has got the ability of treating symptoms without any kind of psychoactive effects.

  • Dabbing

This is a kind of method of flash-vaporization where cannabis concentrates will be dropped on heated water-pipe attachment to inhale for intense potent effects.

People generally prefer this dabbing because of:

  • Properly refined concentrates can offer clean experience which is free of any plant material
  • Dabbing will produce vapor and not smoke


  • Bath Soaks

Another great way of relaxing yourself can be soaking in hot bath by using THC soak, which takes your relaxation to certain new level.

Such THC soaks will look almost like any regular bath salts, which will offer an excellent relief for your sore and tired muscles and will not produce any kind of psychoactive effects.

Number of users of THC soaks has reported that they found this bath soaks extremely therapeutic.

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