Actionable SEO Tips To Generate More Organic Traffic


Whether it is just for blogging or earning money, SEO plays quite an important role in both. SEO helps in creating some awesome blogs loved by both users and search engines. Learning how to use SEO correctly also matters a lot as it has to come naturally. SEO helps in putting your webpage first on Google.

Aiad is one such great digital marketing company for providing SEO Sydney. The experts here can come up with client requirements of all types. The SEO needs are tailor specific according to your requirements. You will see the increase in your website ranking month by month. Some of the tips for using SEO are listed as under:

  • Start using SEO first before writing a blog post

One of the common mistakes of writers is using SEO words after completion of the blog. The SEO process starts first and guiding you about what is important and using that in your write-ups. Follow a normal procedure for creating engaging and derived content.

  • Doing keyword research

Find the right keywords for use in your websites and start by writing a good title using keywords. The first goal is to get more traffic using the keywords. Create on Page SEO for optimizing of posts. It is imperative of creating user-friendly content.

  • Understanding the needs of users

The next step is thinking about the actual post and the main driven strategy towards writing it. For doing this start by understanding the content and find out what is the trending topic. To make yourself eligible for SEO ranking, you have to write user-friendly content. The content has to be meaningful and interesting at the same time.

  • Analysing Google SERP

The best way of finding out about Google SEO and how long should the blog post be will depend on the keyword research. It also depends on the length and structure of the posts. Content always has videos and images along with the table of contents for navigating easily.

  • Writing the blog post

The blog post will not take more than 30 minutes for completion. Some points to keep in mind while writing contents are:

  1. The subheadings have to be given in H2 brackets
  2. Use short paragraphs
  3. Try backing the post with relevant images and data
  4. Before sending, check spelling and grammar for correcting everything wrong.


  • Promoting the blog post

After hitting the submit button, the work does not end there. Blog promotion is equally important to make more people engaged in the work. After writing, start sharing the post on social media. Use Facebook as a basic promotion medium for engaging the Facebook audience.

Find like-minded people on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and discuss your topic with them. This is time-consuming but the efforts are so worth it. If you can attract a greater number of people, then your goal is fulfilled.


There are many things to take care of before posting a blog post. Follow these SEO tips to get everything right and reach your audience.

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