What are the Best Exercises to Improve Posture?

If you look at the fitness trainers at the gym, you will probably admire their upright and stable posture. It does not come easy but as a result of consistent exercises on a daily basis. But is it all exercises that will improve your posture? Fitness research shows that some are better than others. Great bodybuilders and athletes who use steroids and supplements from this page 120kgs.com, also confirms that one must focus on those exercises that improve the posture if that is their goal. Some of the best include the following:


Any fitness expert will tell that a good posture starts with a strong core. There are different planks exercises but all seem to have a positive effect on the core. The common plant involves positioning the body parallel to the ground with the spine straight. Side planks also focus on strengthening the arms and the spine as well. With strong abdominal muscles in place, you can rest assured that your posture is in check.


Every person requires a good posture, which also plays a big role in health. Pilates exercises have been proven to aid in attaining such a posture with ease. The best and simplest one are the pilates swimming exercises. You need to lie down on the abdomen and raise both the arms and legs as high as possible in the air. Apart from holding in position, you are required to make it interesting by making swimming moves. Pilates exercises bring the whole body on fire.

Seated Twists

While sitting on s stable surface, grab a ball with both hands and stretch them forward in front of you. Then twist the upper body to the right to as far as possible and hold in that position for 2 seconds. Gradually move the body to the other side and again hold for 2 seconds. Repeating 10 to 15 moves will make you feel a difference on your body immediately. This is a great way to work out the muscles in your arms and the core.

Shoulder Rolls

The stretch improved the sitting position and is suitable for people who work for long hours. The best way to do shoulder rolls is while seated but it also works the same way while in a standing position. It is as simple as raising the shoulders upwards to as high as possible and holding in that position for a few seconds. Repeat this for 10 times every day for excellent results.

Kneeling Stretch

Without forgetting the lower body, which also plays a great part in improving the posture, you need to embrace exercise. Kneeling stretch is simple yet effective both for starters and the seasoned fitness enthusiasts. Kneel on one knee and bring the other leg forward to form a 90 degrees angle. Gradually move the lower body forward while maintaining the upper body in an upright position. This move stretches thighs and the hip bones as well. Experts recommend that one repeats 10 to 15 moves for each knee on a daily basis to get positive results.

The discussed exercises will definitely come to your rescue in maintaining a great posture when done in the right way.

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