Building a Website for a Small Business

People get their information online. It’s a simple fact of life now. Phone books have become antiquated, newspaper subscriptions are dwindling, and billboards are an easily-ignored backdrop. To reach new customers, you have to get with the times. When someone has a problem, they turn to their favorite search engine. There, they find the solution to that problem. Your business could be the solution, but you have to have your information out there. Having a small business website is one of the best ways to attract customers there is.

Types of Sites

You’ve probably turned to the internet for answers and seen the range of website designs that exist. Some are fancy and complex, with dozens of pages to click on. Others are simple, easy to navigate, and filled with the essential information about a business. You have to decide what type of site will best fit your needs.

Single Page

Single page sites are short, sweet, and to the point. They contain the basics and skip the fancy information tabs. But, if you try to fit too much on the page, it can feel cluttered and disorganized. A one-page small business website should contain your business’s address, contact information, and hours. You should also include at least one graphic to make the site visually appealing. Including a few testimonials from past customers, a brief goal statement, or a slogan can also make your site more appealing.


Multi-page sites are just fancier versions of the one-page sites. They should contain the same vital information but spread out over the pages. A multi-page site can also include more appealing elements. You could dedicate an entire page to the history of your business, emphasizing the passion and love you’re putting into running it. That may make your business seem more trustworthy.

Building the Site

Once you’ve decided which type of site is better for you, it has to be built. There are many different ways to build a website and make it unique. Often, that’s best left up to a professional web designer. They know how to create a site that’s visually pleasant and easy to navigate. Even the more complex sites will be easy to click through if a professional does the job. But, if you’re stubborn, there are website templates you can use to build the site yourself.

The internet has become the most popular way to search for anything. A small business website makes sure that you’re included in the search.

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