When Should You Buy a Wine Cooler?

Do you have a collection of wine bottles in your pantry? If yes, then a wine cooler is an optimum choice for storing wine, whether you are a serious wine collector not. So, the question that comes to mind is whether you should buy a wine cooler or not?

Why a wine cooler is needed?

The following four elements are damaging to wine

  • Heat
  • Light
  • Vibrations
  • Humidity

A wine cooler neutralizes the threat of these four elements by acting in the following manner –

  • It keeps the stored wine at the correct temperature
  • It keeps the humidity at optimum levels
  • It protects the wine from sunlight
  • The wine cooler produces minimal vibrations thus any adverse effect of vibration on wine are minimized.

Should you consider buying a wine cooler?

The following factors that may affect your decision of buying a wine cooler –

  • The location of your residence and the local weather conditions
  • The available storage area
  • The number of wine bottles in your house on an average is more than 20 to 30 at a time
  • The temperature at your home varies drastically or it’s 70 degrees or higher
  • If you wish to age a few bottles

Things to consider while choosing a wine cooler

Apart from your budget, the things to consider while choosing a wine cooler are as follows –

  • The size of the wine cooler and available space – The wine cooler should be able to store double your current collection of wine bottles. The space available for placing the wine cooler is another important factor that may help you in deciding a type of wine cooler.
  • The type of cooling technology – The choices available are thermo-electric coolers that silently work in ambient temperature conditions or a compressor based wine cooler for stable temperature. You can also choose an absorption wine cooler or a Hybrid wine cooler that’s a combination of both thermo-electric and a Compressor wine cooler.
  • The cooling zones – A single zone wine cooler has a single temperature control function that keeps the entire storage area at the same temperature. A dual zone wine cooler has the storage area divided into different sections that can be set at different temperatures. The choice of the cooling zones is dependent on whether you want to store one type of wine or more than one type of wine.
  • The Noise level – The level of noise being produced, could be an important aspect depending on the placement of the wine cooler. The Noise levels can be identified on the basis if the cooling technology being employed. A compressor is the loudest, whereas the thermo-electric is mostly silent.

A few aspects of wine coolers like the type of racking are usually decided by the budget. You can choose a wooden or a wire racking, or a combination of both. While choosing a wine cooler researching available types and models and comparing is important. So, you can search different websites for wine coolers like browsing different wine coolers at LocalWinos.com.

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