Custom Flags for Attention at a Trade Show

The best thing about participating in a trade show or expo is the huge amount of foot traffic. This is also the worst thing. Your booth can get lost in the chaos if you don’t have a way to set yourself apart from all the other companies vying for attention. Custom flags are one way that you couldenhance the atmosphere so you catch the eye of your potential customers. The goal of a custom flag is to draw attention which can be done in various ways.

Bright Colors

Any color that contrasts with the rest of the environment can draw more attention. Be careful not to have too many colors, however, as this can have the opposite effect. Your goal may be to both get people to stop and talk with you but also to make them remember you. An effective custom flag design strategy is to take your company’s logo or well-known graphic and bring it to life with high-contrast colors. Striving for uniqueness when designing the custom flag may help set you apart.

Make a Statement

Bold, compelling statements can often stop attendees in their tracks. This can be a great time to roll out a new company catch phrase or alert the public to a major change. Using shock value to get attention is used successfully in a variety of industries and situations. Putting that message on custom flags means all eyes passing by see it. Even if they don’t stop you’ve gotten the message to them.

Discounts and Promotions

Attendees at trade shows have the expectation of picking up information and freebies. Custom flags that note a trade show discount, contest or giveaway are another way to increase attention at your booth. Since a trade show is not just about making sales at the show but also obtaining leads, a custom flag that gets people to provide their information can boost post-show sales potential.

Roll Out New Product or Service

Using custom flags to share a new product or service can also be effective, particularly if it is mind-blowing or industry-leading. People often go to trade shows and conventions because they want to see what the next greatest thing on the market is. If you have something that will make them curious to learn more, use a custom flag to get their attention.

Custom flags can be a vital part of gaining the leads and sales that will have made your convention or trade show costs and efforts worthwhile. With careful planning, you could find the success you are hoping for and boost your market share in the process.

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