Effects of Kratom Extract

Sometimes, the world is a lot to handle. The stress of life is hard to shrug off. Projects and obligations loom before us, causing anxiety. And, with so much weight on our shoulders, depression can become a part of our daily lives. No one wants to live their life struggling to be happy and healthy. That’s not living, that’s surviving. Of course, there are treatments for the ailments the world infects us with, but taking pills like candy isn’t an appealing solution. Yes, medication can help, but who knows exactly what’s in the pills your doctor prescribes? If you want to try a more natural approach, kratom extract may be the answer.


Kratom is an herb that grows in East Asia. It’s been used to treat anxiety, depression, and pain. It provides the same benefits as some prescription medications but is natural, unlike the pills pharmaceutical companies try to convince you to take.

Low Dose Benefits

Different doses of kratom will have different effects. Doses of five grams or less help with depression. They give you more energy, which increases alertness. You can also increase your libido, which depression often lowers. The increase in energy can indirectly reduce anxiety since you gain the motivation to jump on projects instead of procrastinating and being lazy.

High Dose Benefits

Higher doses of up to fifteen grams help with anxiety, stress, and pain management. They relax the body and mind. This helps you cope with stress, anxiety, and pain better. But, higher doses can also cause drowsiness and a mild high. The high is not as intense as illegal drugs, but you should still be cautious, especially when doing potentially dangerous tasks like driving.


Too much of a good thing is never good. Doses above fifteen grams should not be taken. If you do take a dose that large, you risk temporarily losing consciousness. Even though kratom extract is natural, it can have side effects when interacting with medication or other herbs. You should always research potential substance interactions before taking anything new.

The effects of kratom extract are still being researched. It could have some potentially dangerous side effects that haven’t been discovered. Some research suggests it may be addictive, but other studies have concluded it isn’t. You should talk to your doctor before taking any herbs, supplements, or medications. They know what’s best for your body and can help you weigh the benefits against the potential risks.

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