Frosted Plastic Cup Party Favors

When you’re planning a party, there’s a lot to think about. You have to choose the venue, plan decorations, and figure out what will be served. You want your party to stand apart and be remembered. Think back to parties you went to as a child. The best ones were the ones where you got a little treat for being there. Sometimes the party favors were the best part of the party. To make your party memorable, consider bringing back the idea of party favors. But, what should your party favors be? One idea is custom frosted plastic cups.


Frosted plastic already looks pretty and fancy compared to normal plastic. But, you can make your cups look even better by customizing practically everything about them. Text can be added to the side of the cups. You can add the date, the name of the event if there is one, the name of any specific persons being celebrated at the event, or even a short message to guests. The font and color of the text can be changed as well. Logos can even be added and customized to fit the party’s aesthetic.

Perfect for Any Occasion

Custom frosted plastic cups are perfect for any occasion you could possibly have a party for. Thank your guests for bringing great gifts to your baby shower, proclaim how proud you are of your recent college graduate, or wish everyone peace and love during the holidays. And, with the customization options, the cup is sure to look perfect no matter what the event.

Don’t Shatter

The cups are also perfect to use throughout the party. You won’t have to buy different plastic cups or find enough glasses for everyone to use. And, unlike glass, plastic doesn’t shatter. If a cup happens to spill, there won’t be any glass to clean up, just the liquid.

Everyone loved party favors as children. They were a nice little thank you gift for helping someone celebrate a special day. Why leave that tradition in childhood? Adults are just big children on the inside, anyway. The guests at your party will love getting party favors now as much as they did as children. And, custom frosted plastic cups are the perfect party favor to give out. They’re beautiful and made specifically for the occasion. Not only that, but they’re useful even after the event is over. Most of all, they’re a keepsake from a (hopefully) fun party.

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