Guest Book – What Is It And How Its Tradition Started?

A guest book is just like a log book to keep a record of the guests who attended a special event or function. It is just like a normal notebook, and is generally in hardbound form with several pages inside. Pages contain lines for guests to write their personal details and/or comments and sign.

For what is it used?

The basic purpose of the book is to provide the host with a list of the guests who attended the function or event. It also works as a reminder while sending thank you cards for attending the function.

This usually proves to be very helpful during a funeral. Since the family is going through an emotional breakdown, it is not possible for them to keep a track of who all attended the funeral. Generally, the book is kept on the pedestal, just before the viewing area. The page where the guests are supposed to sign is usually open and a pen is placed nearby as well.

The book is used is several others occasions like weddings, anniversary celebrations, baby showers, birthday parties, etc. In fact it is expected from every couple to have a log book at their wedding venue. This way, every guest can sign the book and the couple will have a reminder of who all came to witness the ceremony.

Nowadays, every couple has their wedding record book designed a little differently. It is no longer just a simple notebook, but in fact is a designer and stylish log to keep the record of guests.

How it all started?

No wonder today keeping a record of guests has become quite normal, but do you have any idea of how the tradition actually started? Well, the thing is, historically who all attended a wedding ceremony were supposed to sign a marriage document. It was a legal requirement that the guests were the witnesses of the wedding ceremony, they signed the document.

Now, the guests don’t have to sign any documents from the legal point of view. However, since they attended the ceremony and wedding, the couple certainly wants to keep a reminder of them.

Online record books

Nowadays, you will even find an online book which is maintained to keep the record of guests who attended a particular website. Many webmasters add a link of visitor’s book to their website and asks their visitors to fill in their personal details there. This helps them in keeping a record of guests as well as this works as a feedback.

The webmaster gets a clear idea about what the guests think about their products or offers and how they can make improvements in future. Also, when other visitors visit the website, they can read the feedback provided by previous visitors and customers. This gives them a clear idea about the quality of service or product offered by the company.

Many resorts and hotels also keep a visitors’ record book. The customer comments on the services provided by the hotel or resort and thereby provide their personal feedback.

All in all, it is a great idea to have a record book for every event and function. Even after years if you go through those records, you will get a perfect list of who all attended the function or event.

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