Make Your Occasions Glamorous With Bangles

Bangles are usually rigid bracelets. They are made of wood, gold, sea shell, copper, bronze, plastic and glass. Women from Banglasdesh, Pakistan, India and Nepal wear bangles as part of their normal attire. It is usually common to see young and new brides wearing bangles. In some parts of these countries bangles are so much attached to wedding that honeymoon is considered to go on until the last bangle breaks. In Hinduism bangles are very important. It is considered not a good sign for a married woman to keep their arms without bangles. Gold and silver bangles were usually worn by toddlers so that glass may not injure their arms.

Bangles have various names in different localities of the world. For example they are called choorian in Urdu which is spoken in Pakistan. They are called Chura in Nepali and Choodi in Hindi. Bangles are usually circular in shape. Though shaped like bracelets, they are not flexible as bracelets usually are. In India bangles are part of the tradition. Women wear them in pairs. One or more on each arm. Mostly, gold and glass bangles are worn by women. Occasionally diamond bangles are also used.

They are the best for almost every occasion. They have become a lifestyle, especially in Asia. Women and young girls love to wear them on weddings. Yes, weddings in this part of the world are almost incomplete without gold bangles. 22k bangles are a hot favorite with women of all age. They are usually studded with beautiful and colorful stones. Stones can be artificial or real. It depends on your budget. Real stones cost a bit more than artificial stones. Different colors are also used to paint certain features on the bangles. Traditionally even bangles made in gold were very simple. There wasn’t a lot pomp and show in their making but nowadays the designs have evolved. Bangle industry is keeping pace with the changing times. They are always ready to accept challenges to fulfill their customers’ demands. Hence designs are changing amidst an environment of competition. All bangles are not in circular shape. Women, who like a little change, can go for arched bangles. Bangles also differ in width. You can choose a wide bangle with several rings interconnected to the central one.

If you like shiny things then probably you should selected diamonds to wear. Bangles with diamonds are simply the best for you if you are planning to marry or to attend a dearest friend’s bridal ceremony. Cost depends on the number and size of diamonds, fixed on the bangles. There can be a combination of gold and diamond. You can also go for a combination of silver and diamond. And in case you are planning to wear something more hot, go for a platinum and diamond combination. This is simply gorgeous. It boosts up your lifestyle, attitude and confidence level.Curved, rounded, arched as well as simply circular are some of the shapes available for beautiful and sophisticated ladies.

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