Must-Have Features of Medical Alert Devices

There comes a point in the lives of most people where living alone becomes a challenge. Physical limitations come to us all in our later years. If you have a family member or close friend who has concerning medical conditions or has a difficult time getting around, you’re probably worried about him or her living alone. After all, what will happen if your loved one suffers a fall or has a stroke or heart attack? If no one is there to get help, the person can still notify responders to their dire situation. This is where medical alert systems come into play. If your elderly or physically challenged friend or family member doesn’t have these systems, it’s time to get one today. The best systems have specific features you wouldn’t want to do without.

Wearable and Waterproof

One main point of having an alert device is that it’ll be with you no matter where you are in your home. The best medical alert device has different options, including devices the person wears as a necklace or as a bracelet. Because one of the most common places for accidents and injuries with seniors is the bathroom, it’s vital that these devices be waterproof so they can be worn in the shower. A fall in the shower or tub could result in serious harm, so it’s important that the person is prepared to alert help in the event of an incident. A non-waterproof device will be of no use in the shower or tub.

Wide Range

Most medical alert systems include a wearable transmitter where with the push of a button, the person can alert emergency personnel of the situation. Through a nearby console, the person can communicate with the operator. The top systems have a large transmitter range, where it will work within hundreds of feet of the console. With a large range, the person doesn’t have to be confined to the room in which the console is located in order for the device to work. In fact, the person can go outside or even to the neighbor’s house, and the device should still function properly.

Answered by a Professional

Medical alert systems will connect you with an operator, who should alert the proper help to your location. With the best systems, you will talk to a highly trained professional who knows how to help and get responders to you in a hurry.

Your loved ones deserve the feeling of security when they reach their senior years. With medical alert systems, you and they can have peace of mind that they’re in good hands.

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