How Play-Based Learning Works

Did you even wonder why babies and children play with toys and adults (usually) don’t? If there a purpose to playing with toys besides being distracting and for entertainment use? Believe it or not, play-based learning is real. Your child is not mindlessly playing with that toy. In fact, they are building circuit boards with in their brains on how things work. Toys are instruments (tools) from which children and (and in some cases, adults) can learn and grow with. According to the National Association of the Education of Young Children, play based learning is an essential instrument for every age especially in young children and those with disabilities. According to an article, adults could benefit greatly by adapting the same elements that they had as a child into adulthood. Take for example, the act of recess during school hours. As children, we had breaks from the school day called recess as we grew up into adults, our recess was taken away. Perhaps, the reason we feel that mid-afternoon drain is because we stay need our recess even as an adult. Just because you are all grown-up does not mean that you still don’t need the occasional nap as well as some scheduled fun time.


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