The History of Jumpsuits

The Origin of Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits were originally created for exactly what the name suggests: jumping. Skydivers used them for a variety of reasons. They kept body heat in and the cold out. They also gave the wearer freedom of movement. In addition, their design kept them from getting caught in the parachuting equipment.

The functionality and comfort of jumpsuits made them appealing to a wide variety of professionals with hands-on jobs. Racecar drivers, skiers, astronauts, pilots, mechanics, and other hands-on workers wear jumpsuits. Then, the fashion world took notice of the garment.

In the 20s

Fashion jumpsuit began appearing just before 1920. They retained the comfort and ease of movement of their predecessors, but added a stylish spin. They became popular with women, especially high-class women who wanted to dress like their favorite celebrities. Chic and sexy jumpsuits became a staple of women’s fashion.

In the 40s

When World War 2 began, women’s jumpsuits became more practical. Women worked in factories while the men fought in the war. They required clothing that was suitable for hands-on labor. Many women turned to coveralls, denim jumpsuits made to be working clothes. Their practicality made them very popular both inside and outside of factories throughout the 1940s.

In Pop Culture

After the war, jumpsuits retained their popularity with women and gained popularity with men. They even made their way into popular culture, being worn by several celebrities. Jumpsuits were especially popular with musicians, who wore them as fashionable and functional costumes during performances. The most famous of these musicians was Elvis Presley. His jumpsuits have become iconic.

In the 70s

Jumpsuits became extremely popular in the 70s with the rise of disco music. They were heavily associated with the genre, but retained their popularity even after disco’s popularity began to decline.

In the 90s

Jumpsuits finally began losing their popularity in the 1990s. But, that loss in popularity didn’t last long. Jumpsuits have made a resurgence in the fashion world, possibly becoming more popular than ever. Similar garments called rompers have become popular as well. Rompers are short at the bottom instead of completely covering the legs, offering a more playful look.


Jumpsuits have come back into fashion time and time again. There’s good reason for this. They’re functional, comfortable, fashionable, and versatile. It’s easy to move in a jumpsuit, making them ideal for wearing anywhere you go. They come in a variety of styles and colors that are perfect for any occasion. Casual jumpsuits are perfect for outings with friends. A sexy jumpsuit is sure to turn heads at any special event. It’s no wonder that jumpsuits have regained popularity again and again.

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