The Man and His Dog

Jerry and his dog had almost nothing at all in common.  While Jerry was short, Rolla – who was named after a soccer ball – was big and hairy.  Jerry hated running; Rolla was always ready to run as soon as she went outside.  Rolla like to bark loud; Jerry could scarcely be heard over the birds.  And Jerry didn’t eat much, while Rolla would eat almost everything in sight, gobbling it down and barking for more.  That’s why Jerry saw that he got Rolla her favorite foods from Petco.  There he could get a month’s supply of the healthiest and tastiest dog food with a Groupon coupon or promo code for a substantial discount.

And Rolla appreciated that.  She’d eat every bit he put in her bowl, then come over to his chair and curl up beside him like a sentry sitting at her post.  And she’d immediately growl if she heard the least strange noise.  Then when she heard the timer click seven beeps she’ hop up and head for the door for her evening walk.  Off they’d go, the small man with the big sheepdog; her trotting effortlessly down the street while he walked breathlessly trying to keep up.  But she never let him get too far behind; whenever she reached a street corner she’d peek to see where he was.  And if he was too far behind then Rolla would wait until Jerry caught up.  Then he’d admonish her for running away.

Jerry hated bones; for years he lived on a diet of ground beef, ground pork, ground turkey, boneless chicken and filleted fish.  Like all dogs, Rolla loved bones and would go after any nearby.  For a special treat Jerry would let her have some from the kitchen of the corner restaurant but he never let her bring them in the apartment.  So the two had little in common, yet they lived together.  He’d even get Rolla special gifts from the Petco website where he ordered them with a Groupon promo code.  And Rolla would stay as close to Jerry as possible except when they were outside on their walks.  Even then she would come bouncing back and start growling anytime some unfamiliar presence came too close to him.  They were truly inseparable, even though their likes appearance and behaviors differed as night does from day.

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