Tips for Marketing Your eCommerce Business on Pinterest

Social networks provide the perfect opportunity for businesses to reach out their customers, increase sales, and market their companies. For E-Commerce companies, Pinterest is the most effective platform to accomplish your marketing goals. It can improve your brand image and provide you with tons of qualified leads. Here are a few tips you can use to market your online shop on Pinterest.

Promote Pinning

On your website, encourage viewers to pin your products and blog posts by adding the “Pin” button on your product pages. You should also urge visitors to follow you on Pinterest. To simplify this task, add social media sharing buttons by installing widgets like DiggDigg or AddThis. You can also encourage your regular visitors to view your Pinterest page by providing special offers or contests for those who follow you.

Sign Up for a Pinterest Business Page

A Pinterest business page comes with features and benefits for companies that cannot be attained with a personal profile. This type of profile is made for businesses that want to interact with their customers. It also makes your organization look for professional and trustworthy.

Include Quality Images

Because Pinterest is a visual platform, you should pay close attention to the images that you are using. Pictures that are larger and higher quality receive more engagement. To ensure your strategy for marketing for your e-commerce company is effective, make sure all of your product photos and Pins are focused, first-rate, and big.

Write a Call to Action

Calls to action are statements or questions that encourage readers to perform a certain act. This means saying something like, “click here” or “sign up today.” With a clear call to action in your description or image, you can grow engagement even more. In fact, this type of post can boost engagement rates by almost 80 percent. A call to action can drive more traffic to your website, which is your main e-commerce marketing goal.

Optimize Your Posts

One of the reasons why Pinterest is so great when marketing for e-commerce businesses is because it is easy to optimize for search engines (SEO). Remember to use SEO in the names and the descriptions for your pins. You should also include the product URL in the description as well. Include keywords that best describe the products that you sell. However, do not use too many keywords. Keyword stuffing can be off-putting and prevent viewers from engaging with your pins.

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