The True Essence of Asia

Nothing can exhibit the true essence of a society the way jewelry does. This is specifically correct for Asia. Jewelry was probably known to the oldest found civilization on Earth. However, Asia seems to be significantly rich in the tradition of jewelry.The style, size and many other specifics depend on the culture we are talking about, but the one item that fully represents the meaning behind South Asia is gold jewellery. Gold serve as the ultimate symbol of power and prosperity in Asian culture. Both men and women are seen sporting intricate pieces of jewelry throughout history. Although men’s gold jewellery has been observed for a long time, it only became more popular during the Mughal era. The Mughals were known to be ostentatious and frivolous when it came to their attire andappearance. Different kinds of jewellery gained popularity among the masses when they saw their Kings and Princes’ wearing such beautiful accessories. But because jewellery symbolized the worth and status of a person, not everyone was allowed to wear it

Gold jewellery remains the most coveted item in South Asia to this day. But many modifications have been made to gold jewellery designs

to better accommodate the contemporary look. Nowadays, gold is alloyed with other metals to produce a more fashionable piece of jewelry. In addition, the designs of the gold jewellery have been discerned to ingrain a more western composition in them. These styles are abuzz within the young generation that wants both the humbleness of their origin and the glamour of the western society. Some common jewellery items that are brandished by both men and women historically and in today’s society as well, are briefed below.

Gold Jewellery for Women

Jewellery is primarily considered to be a woman’s adornment. Gold jewellery that is in vogue for women are necklaces, earrings and bangles. Most South Asian women wear a nose ring that is deemed attractive in older as well as younger generation. Bangles are a common accessory for women and it also has a great historical value. As a matter of fact, all the jewellery worn by women and the part of the body they wear it at, has a spiritual meaning. Take necklaces, for example, because a necklace is worn near heart, it is believed to strengthen a woman’s love and control emotions. Similarly, bangles are also known to have amorous and romantic connotations.

Gold Jewellery for Men

South Asian men do not usually wear gold jewellery apart from an occasional ring or a pendant. Some men wear gold chains to flaunt their wealth and order customized gold watches to exhibit their status. In reality, gold jewellery is considered a taboo for men in many parts of South Asia, that’s why not many men are seen wearing gold jewelleries. Instead, jewellery made from various kind of stones are preferred by young boys as well as older man since they are more naturalas well asaffordable and can be modified to instill a western look.

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