3 Benefits of Series 3 Exam Prep

The Series 3 exam, which is also known as the National Commodities Futures Examination, assesses the qualifications of an individual to sell commodities or futures contracts. It is administered by FINRA, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting investors by ensuring the integrity of the broker-dealer industry. The test features 120 question in a multiple-choice format, and candidates have 150 minutes to complete the entire exam. With a passing score of 70 percent required on each part, adequate preparation is critical.

To study for your Series 3 license exam, the best approach is to plan a comprehensive review of the test material through a combination of resources, such as training, textbooks, practice test questions, and tutor support. By taking advantage of the available support, you’ll ensure you have the best chance of success.

Here are three key reasons you should prepare for your Series 3 test.

Practice Makes Perfect

Just like with anything else, the more you practice for the Series 3 test, the better prepared you’ll be. Try to review hundreds of examples that cover each subject area in the exam. While the sample questions won’t be the same as the ones you’ll see on test day, you’ll get a good sense of the types you’ll be asked, how the questions are written, and insights into answer techniques. You’ll also be able to identify any topic areas that prove challenging.

Lower Stress

Anxiety over an upcoming test can be extremely detrimental, resulting in disturbed sleep patterns and the inability to concentrate. By familiarizing yourself with the Series 3 exam format, question types, and concepts, you’ll know what to expect on test day and can anticipate how to best approach the exam in a focused and productive manner. That will go a long way toward reducing your stress and boosting your confidence, two factors that can be critical to exam success.

Obtain Expert Help

The tools available to help you prepare for the Series 3 exam have been developed by experts who know exactly what material you need to master to pass the test. The resources are designed to increase your knowledge of the concepts covered in the test, from terminology and theory to spreading and speculating, so you’re ready to ace the questions and take the next step in your financial professional career.

The right preparation for the Series 3 license exam can make all the difference on test day. So prepare and pass!

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