Important Characteristics in a Truck Tarp

As a commercial truck driver, you understand the importance of securing your load and ensuring it is safe as you drive. Because each state has rather strict rules about hauling materials and securing loads, it becomes incredibly important to ensure your load is secure as you drive. One of the best ways to prevent things from falling out or loads from becoming loose and becoming a potential safety risk is to use a truck tarp. The right tarp will offer you a peace of mind that enables you to focus on the road and not your load. In order to ensure you buy the right tarp from truck tarps manufacturers, you need to know what characteristics to look for.

Exposure Protection

When buying a tarp from truck tarp manufacturers, you need to ensure it can stand up against the weather. Not only does it need to be able to withstand rain and avoid rotting or molding but it also needs to be protected from the sun. Many tarps have UV protection to keep the sun from breaking it down and making it weak. Protecting your load is of the utmost importance. A bad tarp could lead to damage goods, which will be rejected upon delivery.


Of course, you need a tarp that can handle high wind conditions and the demands of the work it will have to do. You should look carefully at the strength of the tarp you are choosing. You want to pay attention first to color. Color is used to indicate strength. Blue, black and red will be your strongest options. When you are carrying loads that do not require as much protection, you may be able to get away with other colored tarps. However, do keep longevity in mind. You don’t want to have to keep buying new tarps every week.


Protective truck covers need to be well-made. If you slack on the construction, you get a tarp that isn’t worth the money. Regardless of what you are hauling, you need to make sure you get a well-made tarp from one of the respected truck tarp manufacturers. You can spot a well-made tarp by looking for secure stitching and woven fabric.

When it comes to getting the right tarp for your truck, you have to take it seriously. You cannot just throw any old tarp up on your load if you really want to protect it and ensure you are safe on the road. A good tarp will enable you to deliver a load in good condition while also not having to worry about losing anything as you drive.

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